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Is Motivation a Choice? | Marisa Eihusen

(originally posted on 18 March 2019)

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A question I’ve been pondering lately is whether or not motivation in a choice you get to make or not. Do you get to decide “Today I am going to be motivated and productive” or is it a characteristic you embody naturally/ a feeling one can have. I really wasn’t sure about the answer and I wanted to get some insight from YOU! So I asked a few questions on my IG stories.

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I was honestly really surprised with the results of these polls!

This pondering question came about because I’ve wished for my entire life that I was more motivated. I’m surrounded by so many motivated and driven individuals in real life and online and honestly it makes me a little bit envious. I’ve always believed that I was simply a lazy person who didn’t have the ability to always be super motivated. My lack of motivation has always been a quality I’m not very fond of, it’s not a part of me that I particularly like. So I asked myself, “What if motivation gets to be a choice?”

I whole heartedly 100% believe that happiness is a choice. Regardless of your situation or circumstances I believe you get to wake up every morning and decide wether or not you’re going to be happy. You get to wake up every morning and decide wether or not you’re going to have a good day. Now, I know not everybody will agree with this. I know there are a lot of people out there who will think or say that it’s complete and utter bullshit. And that’s fine! But it is what I believe and it had undoubtedly changed by life for the better.

So I ask myself, “What if those same principles can apply to being a motivated person”. I would like to believe that hell yeah! Absolutely I can make that choice and change my life.  But I’m not totally convinced. Maybe that’s because I’m fearful I could make that decision but I won’t, and so I’ll still be in the same position as I currently am. But maybe I totally can and again, my life will change for the better.

I feel like one of the most obvious tips to becoming a more motivated person would be goal setting. But I think we need to break it down a little more specifically.


Say your goal is to gain 1k followers or run 5 miles without stopping or introducing more veggies into your diet. Start small. These are all big goals that won’t happen overnight. So set these as your end goals but create daily goals. Something small and obtainable you can achieve everyday.


Talking about obtainable goals; those pesky to-do lists. We all love writing them and we all love marking items off, but we don’t love a mile long to-do list that flat out won’t get completed. I used to have a terrible habit of writing a to-do list everyday that had everything under the sun written on it.


  • Go to gym

  • Laundry

  • Dishes

  • Clean entire apartment

  • Walk Bella

  • Cook Dinner

  • Wash hair

  • Write blog post

  • Post on Instagram

  • Call mom

Sure this to-do list might be obtainable on a Saturday or Sunday but definitely not on a work night when my to-do list time doesn’t even start until after 4pm. Now I try to only write 2 or 3 things max and I find that when I do this I am MUCH more productive (and happy)!

Another trick I do is writing two separate to-do lists. One titled “Things that must get done today” and “things that need done, but can wait”. This has really helped me prioritized all the things I WANT to do vs. all the things I NEED to do.  And in the end, I am much more efficient with my time.


Attitude is everything. It really is!

The first step in becoming a motivated person is to simply decided you’re going to be one. It’s really that easy. Once you start fully embracing that mentality it’ll be a lot easier for you to actually be motivated. Wake up every morning and while you brush your teeth repeat to yourself, “I am a motivated person” over and over again. Every day. When you get home from work don’t even think about sitting down on the couch. I put my workout clothes on first thing which helps switch my mind into grind mode, even if I’m not working out until a few hours later. And a positive attitude! Going into any situation with a positive attitude is going to make it 10x easier and 10x more enjoyable. Let your mindset be “I get to do this” not “I have to do this”.


If you have no reason for doing something, the chances of you actually doing it are slim to none. So it’s important to find your why. WHY did you set this goal? WHY is this important to you? WHY do you need to accomplish the task at hand? It doesn’t matter what it is, big or small, you need a WHY.

Why do I need to do the laundry? So that I have clean clothes to wear to work and my favorite leggings are clean!

Why do I need to study for my exam this week? So I can crush my test, feel good about myself, increase my knowledge, and keep my grades up!

Why do I need to eat healthy? So that I feel god physically and mentally. So that I have energy to continue crushing my goals!

“When you find your why, you find a way to make it happen.”

So, if you’re like me and you’re trying to become a more motivated person I have good news for you! I think motivated IS A CHOICE!

So choose. If you want to be more motivated set your specific goals, make those important to-do lists, fix your attitude, and find your why!

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