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Happiness is Not Circumstantial.

(originally posted 9 Nov 2017)

It has been wayyy too long since I’ve written a blog post, I kinda can’t even believe myself. Especially since I have had this idea brewing in my mind for almost a week and a half! Every time I would sit down to write the words just wouldn’t come to me and I hate to try and force out something that isn’t authentic so I’d just give up and try again the next day. Luckily this morning left me feeling PUMPED, INSPIRED, and MOTIVATED and now I’ve got two different things to talk about instead of one! So let’s get to it.

I want to talk about happiness and how happiness is not circumstantial. Happiness is not situational. Happiness is based off of nothing but your mentality, outlook, and perspective.

I’m stationed at Lackland AFB and for those who don’t know, Lackland is where basic training is held for all Air Force personnel. Something that comes with basic training (BMT) is BMT graduation. Every. single. week. From Thursday-Sunday every week there are tons and tons of additional people on base. (Families, friends, loved ones of the graduate) and this in turn creates tons and tons of extra traffic on and around the base. About two weeks ago I ran with a friend for her PT on a Friday morning. As I was heading back to work the traffic on base was INSANE. Karma got me this particular morning because I took a road which I thought would be a short cut but jokes on me because it actually sent me into a line of traffic that was at least a mile long. And I was stuck in stand still traffic for almost 15 minutes!

My first instinct was to be annoyed, plus I felt bad that I had left my co-worker all by himself for almost two and a half hours. But as I waited for the line of traffic to start moving I got to witness all the newly graduated airman walk around base with their loved ones who they hadn’t seen or spoken to in weeks. I got such a joyous feeling because I remember three years ago when I graduated and I got to see my loved ones for the first time.

The extra traffic on base causes a lot of complaints from those of us who live or work on Lackland. You’ve got to leave for work extra early to make it through the gate on time. The parking on base becomes horrendous. And don’t even think about leaving your work center for lunch because you will spend the entire hungry as you sit in traffic. That’s understandable that this is annoying for most people. Not only that, but hundreds on random civilians on entering a military installation every week which can honestly be pretty scary. Regardless, every Thursday/Friday when I see all the families on base walking to the parade grounds I get so excited for them because I know how excited they are. They have been waiting for this weekend for two months! So as I sat in my car on this particular morning waiting to head back to work I was extra thankful I got “stuck” with Lackland as my first duty station.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 3.17.30 AM.png

I had a tech meeting at 0630am today for work, nobody wants to come into work early (especially at 0630am) but I’d pick coming in early over stay after late. So there I was at 0630 in the conference room, listening to one of my sergeants talk about the upcoming changes my department will be enduring. Some of these changes are ones that my co-workers aren’t too excited about. Quizzes every morning, tests every Friday, switching around the schedule and moving people around just to name a few. When I initially heard about these possible changes the day before I was definitely skeptical and definitely not excited. As I listened to my sergeant and fellow airman talk about the changes I began to understand the importance and necessity of these changes. And then I started to get excited. I’m going to be thrown into a lot of positions over the next few weeks that are definitely out of my comfort zone and while that makes me super anxious I know it will mold me into a better tech. These quizzes? I’m awful at book work so I know these quizzes and tests are gonna throw be for a loop and leave me feeling extra dumb. BUT, again it will make me a better tech and it will help me study for my registry (which I have been procrastinating so so badly). And all the changes as a whole are not only going to benefit myself but the department as a whole as well. While my sergeant was talking he mentioned, “just like anything in life that comes with change, it’s going to get worse before it gets better” and I think that will probably be true for us. But I am so excited for the better. Going through the “worse” isn’t going to be fun but I definitely think it’ll be worth it!

I didn’t sleep well last night and found myself awake and unable to fall back asleep at 0430 this morning. I was so annoyed about it that I was almost in tears (dramatic I know). Plus going into work early for a tech meeting about “changes” that nobody would give me any details about was not an ideal way to start off my morning but I leave the meeting feeling SO GOOD. I felt so excited for what is to come. I felt reenergized. I felt motivated. I felt inspired. I felt such a drive to get my head on straight on focus on what’s important, forget about what isn’t, and strive to be the very best version of myself. This is a feeling I want to keep feeling and I want it to push me to continue striving everyday. And ugh, I am just feeling so good!!

So if you are experience changes or anything in your life that is leaving you uneasy; do your best to focus on the good. Don’t let your mind dwell on the challenges but instead flip the script and look at these “challenges” as opportunities. The opportunity of self-improvement. The opportunity to help someone else become better. The opportunity to learn something new. The opportunity to teach somebody else something new. Whatever it is, it’s an oppertunitiy!! So go out there and grab every opportunity life throw at you and do it will a smile on your face! Happiness is attainable to everybody. And it doesn’t matter what outside factors are going on in your life. If YOU wake up in the morning and make the decision to be happy and have a good day, then you will. Happiness is not circumstantial. Happiness is not situational.

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