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Happier Than the Happiest I've Ever Been.

(originally posted on 10 July 2017)

I JUST NEED TO BRAG ABOUT HOW THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL I AM. This summer has been so so good to me. It started in June when I went home for my sister’s high school graduation (ps I made her a grad vid which you can watch here!) which was an awesome trip. Taking a break from work and being around all of my family is always one of my favorite things. My immediate family and I are all so close and we always have a great time! Also being able to spend time with my extended family is something that has always been so special to me, because I’ve always lived so far from them my entire life. Like every trip, my time at home came to an end and I flew back to Texas. The following weekend one of my bestfriends from high school graduated from BMT so I got to spend the weekend with her and her family! And then, the weekend after that Andrew finally made the final move down to Texas and our long distance journey came to an end! My family came down to visit for the fourth of July and everything about their trip to my home was amazing. We had so many laughs, inside jokes, and memories! This trip was extra special because it allowed good time for my family to get to know Andrew and luckily my family loves Andrew, which makes my heart glow. My parents left on a Friday morning and my BFE Tal and her boyfriend Darren arrived from Ohio on Saturday!!! It’s been so nice to have one on one girl time with Tal again, we spent almost 3 hours today just talking about life. Honestly have NO idea what I would do if I didn’t have Tal as my bestfriend. And later this month Andrew and I are going to Austin for a fun surprise and we’ll get to be with his family!

2017 as a whole has already treated me so well, this has been the best year I’ve experienced thus far and we are just over half way in. June and July specifically have given me so many blessings and so many wonderful reasons to be outrageously grateful. I remember thinking to myself a few days ago as I was sitting in the back seat of my parents car, “Is there a word that exists to describe the feeling of being more happy than the absolute happiest a person can be?” And I feel like that can be a confusing question, I feel like I’m not saying it very well and that’s because I don’t know how to transfer the thought from my brain to paper but hopefully you get the gist! Anyway, if there is a word to describe that feeling; that’s how I felt. And that’s a feeling I want to strive to feel more and more in my everyday life. That is the ultimate goal. To continuously feel happier than the happiest I’ve ever been.

And I just wanted to write this post to share my good vibes with whoever may be reading. I fully believe expressing gratitude is the best way to have more things to be grateful for. Writing has always been my best and most effective outlet and so this is how this blog post came about. Gratitude is radiating from my soul and I hope it continues to grow and infect everybody I encounter. Life is a beautiful blessing, I have the most amazing family, the absolute bestfriend in the world, a loving boyfriend, and the greatest support system I could ever ask for. And so I want to say, Thank You.

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others, be a carrier.”

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