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8 Lessons I’ve Learned from My Younger Siblings.

(originally posted on 22 Sept 2018)

Hi! And welcome to Be the Sunshinee! In today’s post I am going to be sharing a few lessons I have learned from my younger siblings!

While it is my job, as the oldest child, to be a mentor and an example for my younger siblings, it’s also important to realize I can (and I have) been taught many things by them! I have always said my entire life that I would hate to be an only child! I think it would be so boring and life would be a lot more dull. Shoutout to my parents for giving me two built-in bestfriends for life!

Meet my little sister, Payton, and my baby brother, Nathan!

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My sister and I are about 3.5 years apart and she is a sophomore in college! We used to fight like crazy when we were younger but as we’ve gotten older we’ve gotten a lot closer. especially when I moved out of the house, now we are bestfriends and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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My brother and I are about 8 years apart and he is a freshman in highschool. Nate and I have always been super close, I think it’s due to our large age gap. And I love that kid so dang much (even though now he only hits me up when he needs something)!

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Let’s start with my seester, Payton. This girl has definitly taught me a lot but there are a few major lessons that stick out more than others.

  • Kindness + Forgiveness. My sister has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, heart I have ever met. From day one, she has always been kind. She has such a soft spot for animals and KIDS! She is going to make the best mom one day! Even back in the day when I used to be SO ugly to her, for no reason at all. And still she chooses to be my bff! She forgave me without a second thought for all the times I was a straight up bitch. (And it was a lot) My mom used to ALWAYS say, “Be nice to your sister, you might need a kidney one day.” And Pay, if you ever need a kidney, I’d be happy to give you one of mine.

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  • Being a good student takes hard work. I’ve always had this mentality that people who got good grades were just naturally smart and didn’t really have to put much effort into studying. I know that’s a stupid thing to think! My sister has always been an outstanding student and it’s because she works her ASS off in all her classes. She’s always up studying late at night, weekends, it doesn’t matter. I have always been envious of her studious behaviors and I will definitely need her encouragement when I start school. Super proud of you seeeester!

  • Sisters gotta stick together. Wether you’re the older or younger sibling, you’re supposed to always have your siblings back. Payton is a super star at this! Particularly, at keeping secrets! Anytime I’ve got a secret I need to keep I know I can tell Pay and she will keep her lips locked! When Tal and I got our BFE tattoos we told Pay right away. When Andrew and I got a dog we told Pay right away. And I’m sure she’ll be the first one I tell when I have a baby! I am such a bad secret keeper and it’s important to have ones you trust. Pay is that person. She’s always had my back no matter what and I strive to do the same for her. 

  • Your mistakes are not just yours. Younger sisters tend to look up to their older siblings, wanting to mirror what they wear, what they do, who they’re friends with. And Payton and I were no different! I used to hate this but now I love it! We can share clothes, shoes, ideas, gossip, ect! Being a big sister also means being a role model. Kids are watching your every move and pick up on things so quickly. When I make mistakes it doesn’t only affect me. But turn your mistakes into positive lessons. I try to advise my sister to NOT make the same mistakes as me.

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Now let’s talk about Nate. This stinker has really been the apple of my eye for 14 years now. I can’t believe how grow up he is getting, it makes my heart shatter! I want him to stay my baby brother forever!

  • Patientce. This kid has definitely taught me patience. Because our age gap is so big I always ended up being the babysitter. While my parents went out and ran errands, at family parties, at my parent’s friends’ parties! All of it. And Nate is a stubborn kid so sometimes he gave me a run for my money! But he’s taught me a lot of my “motherly tendencies” and I will hold those lessons in and of themselves, forever.

  • Laughter. Nate is a FUNNY kid. Even has a toddler he had the whole family cracking up. Nate was just in kindergarten when our grandfather passed away. The entire family was at the church for the viewing and a handful of people were sitting in the front seats, crying and consoling each other. My mom was walking down the aisle with Nate and he loudly says, “Suck it up ladies!” He added some lightheartedness to such a terrible time and he’s been doing it ever since.

  • Age doesn’t define intelligence. Nate is a history junkie and knows so much about so much! And he definitely knows WAY more than I do! My dad is a history junkie too so those two (especially on family road trips) just go at it with each other. Nate’s knowledge about football is also something that has always impressed the hell out of me. He was 5/6 years old knowing names, dates, information about teams and players and it has always blown my mind.

  • Protection. Like I said earlier, Nate has helped me learn a lot of my motherly tendencies. Mama Bear. For years I have always felt very protective over my brother. One time when we lived in Germany, my parents were out of the country on business and my Grandma was babysitting. Some ‘bullying’ went down at the neighborhood park and ya girl (me) had to have it out with one of the neighborhood moms. Aint nobody messing with my baby brother!

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Being a big sister has been one of the best roles I’ve had the privilege of stepping into. I seriously don’t know how I would survive without them. As we get older and move into bigger chapters in our lives, we realize life moves and changes to fast. I’ve already been out of the house for over 4 years. Pay has graduated highschool and will be graduating college before we freaking now it. Nate is no longer a crazy karate kid but has grown into such a handsome teenager who is a badass wrestler and never lets us forget he is now stronger than the both of us combined. Although our family dinners are far too spread out and I hate missing out on watching you two grow up, there have also been many blessings. FacetTime is a beautiful thing! Family vacations are a little more sweet. Any chance we have to visit is a memory we will hold in our hearts forever.

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Nate + Pay, I hope as I have learned so much from you guys, that you have also learned so much from me. I hope I have been the best big sister for each of you and I hope you know you both can trust me with anything. I love you guys so much!! And I can’t wait until we are all together again. Kid Crew forever!!

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