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Moonlight Magic

I was taught by society to not give my sunsets to people who will be gone by sunrise

But I think if two people are on the same page, reading the same book

 A chapter dedicated to the 8 years it took us to get here

 Standing in the parking lot at midnight on a Sunday 

 Eyes fixated on each other, fingers in a tangle, and lips refusing to let loose long enough to breath 

 Smiling in the moonlight

 Too scared to say what the butterflies in our stomachs are singing

 Knowing this was the end of a beginning and you probably think that doesn’t make any sense but it makes sense to us 

 So yeah, I agree

 For the most part- do not waste your sunsets on people who will be gone by sunrise

 But remember, there is something magic about the moonlight and those moments should only be shared with someone worthy 

Beautifully Broken