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Learning to Love Your Body

It can be so easy to stand in the mirror and pick apart every inch of your being

  And it can be so damn difficult to stand in the mirror and love exactly what you are looking at

Who taught us it was normal to hate more parts of us than we love?

Who taught us to apologize for the things we cannot control?

 Shit, who taught us to apologize for the things we CAN control?

Maybe I like the extra weight I carry in my legs, don’t you know where they’ve taken me?

 Maybe I love the size of my hips because it gives me the perfect excuse to never wear a pair of jeans again


Maybe my crooked smile is one of my favorite features because It looks just like my mamas 

Maybe I love all these things

Or maybe I don’t 

 But it’s none of your fucking business 

My hands? They’ve allowed me to write love letters to my favorite people 

 My legs? They’ve allowed me to explore all over this beautiful earth

 My stomach? It’s allowed me to discover my favorite foods and eat them freely

My feet? They take me to destinations that are now my favorite places

My arms? They allow me to snuggle every cute dog I meet

 Learning to love yourself is hard enough without the opinions of others

So if your name isn’t *INSERT YOUR NAME HERE* keep your thoughts to your fucking self 

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