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Becoming Strangers

There used to be a time when leaving you left me nauseous

I wanted nothing more than to be in your arms every hour of every day

We’d exchange sweet goodbyes full of strawberry painted lips

Counting down the minutes until the work day ended and we were reunited at last

Now, seeing you again in this lifetime would be far too soon

 Even the possibility of being in the same building as you leaves me leaning over the trash can 

 I want nothing more than the time between our last goodbye to continue getting greater 

 I don’t want you to know anything about my insides and I do not want to know yours

 While our outside shells still look familiar, eventually those will change too 

 Soon we will not even recognize one another 

 That thought makes me smile 

Knowing that one day you will be just another stranger I pass by on the street

No longer feeling nauseous at the sight or thought of you

Because now I feel nothing towards you at all 

And that’s sweeter than any strawberry exchange I could ever dream up

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