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That Place Where Your Body Naturally Wants to Be.

(originally posted on 23 February 2017)

“Those extra 5-10 pounds, that place where your body naturally wants to be– that’s your life. That’s your late night pizza with your man, that Sunday morning bottomless brunch, your favorite cupcake in the whole entire world because you wanted to treat yourself. those 5-10 pounds are your favorite memories, your unforgettable trips, your celebrations of life. Those 5-10 pounds are your spontaneity, your freedom, your love.” 

This is something I started thinking about while I was sitting in church the other morning. I’m not sure where the thought came from but I have been eating out a lot these past few weeks. Just going out with friends, it’s easy and convent, and obviously it tastes good! But I’m going on a cruise next month and summer is right around the corner and I’m tryna look my best! And feel my best too. Eating healthy makes me feel better in all areas. And I have been trying to make a more conscious effort to eat at home rather than when I’m out and about. But on the contrary, I have also been very very thankful my entire life I never had an unhealthy relationship with food or developed any kind of eating disorder. I know so many women, people in my very own life, who have struggled with these things and it’s heartbreaking to see. And I am glad no one I am super close with has ever struggled to the point where it became life threatening/dangerous. And I wish it were that way for everybody, men and women. I wish everyone could only look at food as fuel and enjoyment in a healthy manner. I wish everyone would say yes to that piece of cake or that extra donut! I wish more people realized that those 5-10 pounds, is your life. I think it’s so important to let yourself live  a little. If you want to stick to a super strict diet that is perfectly okay! But everything is okay in moderation. And your allowed to slip up. You are not perfect, nobody is. So say yes to spontaneity, freedom, and love.

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