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Feeling 22 | Marisa Eihusen

(originally posted on 28 Feb 2018)

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I have been feeling so out of my skin recently, so unlike myself, and feeling totally beaten down by life. I have honestly not been excited for my birthday this year, which is strange because I’m typically pumped for birthdays (mine or anybody else’s) like two months in advanced. But today I woke up, for the first time in an extremely long time, over the moon happy for no reason at all. I had a fantastic day for no reason in particular and it feels so good to be excited about writing again.

I finally feel inspired again, motivated again, happy again, and I can’t wait to turn 22. I have a good feeling about the month of March and I think it’s gonna be the best way to start off my 22nd year.

Last year on my 21st birthday I wrote a birthday post, “21 things I’ve learned in my 21 years” where I talked about 21 different lessons I’ve learned over the course of my life. Today I’m going to do the same.

Here’s to 22.

  1. Gratitude.

I ended my birthday post from last year talking about gratitude so I feel like it’s appropriate to start this years post with the same thing. Gratitude has become more than just one of my favorite words, it has become a way of life. Living my life in gratitude has opened up so many opportunities for myself and it aids in my ability to always find the silver lining. I will forever preach, “Gratitude is the attitude.”

2. You don’t always have to agree with your parents.

Or your friends. Or your co workers. You’re allowed to have different views, ideas, and outlooks and it is okay.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Figure out what is important and learn to let go of what is not.

4. If you don’t ask the answer will always be no.

5. Fight like hell for what you want.

But do not lose yourself along the way. If you start to feel your happiness slipping away then take a step back and reevaluate.

6. “Those who don’t belive in magic will never find it.”

7. Quality over quantity, always.

8. Stay close and hold on to those who make you happy to be alive. Who make your life fuller and happier just by being apart of it.

9. Talk is cheap.

They always say actions speak louder than words. Hell, I always say actions speak louder than words! But how many times have I talked about wanting to do something or talked about wanting to make a change and never followed through? Too many. So shut up and put your money where your mouth is.

10. It is okay to not know who you are.

I’ve always been so worried I’m gonna “fail at life”. Unsure of who I am, what I want to do, what I want out of this life. Take baby steps, take it day by day and figure it out along the way. (totally didn’t intentional mean to rhyme but I’m smiling at myself as I type this)

11. Don’t run away from fear, instead embrace it with open arms and a deep breath.

12. Stay a kid at heart.

13. “Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself— what you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing. Recreate and repeat.”

14. Dance parties are important.

I mostly like to have solo dance parties before I get in the shower, if you’ve never tired it you NEED to.

15. Sometimes the answer will be no. There are times when life seems unfair, get over it.

16. Find something every single day to be excited about.

It can be big or small, just get excited. Be excited you got a green light on your way to work. Be excited a stranger smiled at you today. Be excited when your avocado is perfectly ripe. Just be excited.

17. Take care of yourself.

When I talk about this personally I’m referring to stress. I don’t get stressed out often, but I get stressed easily. I get overwhelmed quickly. I’m in the midst of learning to release what I cannot control and deal with the cards I’ve been dealt, without having a breakdown. Progress.

18. Apologize when you are wrong.

Even if you don’t want to. If even you feel like you shouldn’t have too. Do it anyway.

19. Learn to talk less and listen more.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for those you love is to offer an ear and leave it at that. Listen and try to understand where they’re coming from. Remember you are not always right.

20. Be confident in who you are in this moment while you are also working on bettering yourself.

“You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work of art simultaneously.”

21. Make time for the things that are important to you.

For me, I’ve been really wanted to get more into reading for pleasure but I seem to always have an excuse. I can’t until two weeks from now when I’ve got some time between tests (aka much needed study break) bc this girl is reading at least one book!

And last but not least;

22. Comparison is the thief of joy.

I wrote about this in last years birthday post but it has just been so damn relevent in my life since then that I need to touch on it again. This needs to be the last and final lesson for my 22nd year. Comparison is the thief of joy. Do not let your mind become consumed with the lives of those who do not matter to you. Do not give so much of your time to Twitter and Instagram comparing. You are your own beautiful and powerful self. OWN IT. WORK IT. EMBRACE IT. BE PROUD OF IT. And do not give anybody else the power to make you feel less.


Here’s to making 22 the best year yet!

You Are Everything I Never Knew I Needed.