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An Ode to my Seeeeester!

(originally posted on 21 August 2017)

An ode to my seeester, expect not really. Because an ode is “a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject” and this is not that. It’s just a letter to my not so little sister who starts her very first day of COLLEGE tomorrow.

Hey seeeester,

The first thing I wanna say is stop. Stop being nervous, and anxious, and scared. Be confident in yourself, your abilities, and who you are. I know tomorrow is a scary nerve-racking day. It’s always intimidating starting a new journey and walking into something you’ve never expereince before. But you’ve been the new kid countless times, you’ve started new schools more than you should’ve had to, and you’ve been successful every single time. This is no different! YOU GOT THIS! (remember, you’re an MFE!) College is just the next step. And I am so damn proud of you. College alone is a huge milestone. I am proud of you for taking on a challenge I was never brave enough to tackle myself. I am proud of you for knowing excatly what you wanna do in life and I have absolulety no doubt that you will be accepted into nursing school and that you will thrive when you get there.

The second thing I wanna talk about is why I love you! You embody the kindest and sweetest soul I have ever met. You are one of the most selfless people I know, and I admire that about you. I strive to be as selfless as you are. You put others before yourself, always. Especially me. I can’t even tell you the amount of times you have put me before you (and you never had to do it, but you wanted to). I don’t like to have any regrets in life becuase honestly regrets are a waste of time, the past is the past and you can not change it. But if I had to regret anything in my life, it would probably be how poorly I treated you when we were little. I know growing up with me as your sister probably wasn’t always fun. I know I use to be mean. Like really mean. And I apologize with everything in me for the way I use to treat you. But you’re Payton. And you forgive. And you accept. Over the past few years our relationship as sisters has grown so much and not only are we seeeesters, but we’re friends too. Best friends. All through middle school and high school I only had one best friend; Tal. But now I have two! I love how our realtionship and friendship has evoled since I moved away from home three years ago and I am so thankful for what it has become. I’m so lucky to have a sister and a bestfriend in one and I am confident our relationship will only get better and stronger as time goes on! For the past 18 years we have gone through and expereinced everything together. So many moves, new schools, new houses, family road trips, family vacations, so many family outings or family dinners, all our family inside jokes we get to share, and so much more. And I love that.

I also love that we are both at that point with mom where when she’s trying to yell at us we just crack a joke and suddenly we’re no longer in trouble. I remeber I got to that point with mom before you did and you would always be so mad! “You never get in trouble, it’s not fair!” And now you are there too. (Sorry Nate, your time will come….maybe) I love watching the relationship you and mom have with each other, it makes my heart so warm. I love watching you interact with Nate, I love watching you progress futher apon your own fitness journey, and more than anything I love watching you grow. It’s been a privilege to watch you grow up and grow out of your shell (even though I still don’t think I’ve ever heard you fart). You used to be such a timid person, even around your own family. Now you make comments and crack jokes that leaves us all holding our stomachs in laughter.

You: Knock Knock…

Fam: Who’s there?


You have grown into such a smart, funny, beautiful young women and it’s been a blessing to watch you all these years. As your big sister, it has always been my job to be a role model for you, someone you can look up to. But now the roles are reversed. I look up to you too. I strive to have the same gentle loving heart that you do. I strive to be more studious and actually care about my studies. I strive to be selfless, just as you are. All these things I have learned from you! You are one of my favorite people and I am SO thankful for how often I’ve been able to visit you and the rest of the fam this year. I know this will probably be my first year not coming home for Christmas and that is gonna suck!! But we will still see and visit each other often and I look forward to all our future adventures.

You are such an exceptional daughter, sister, friend, and cat mom. Anybody who knows you is a lucky one.

I love you SO much Pay!

I am extremely proud of you. Proud of what you’re doing and who you are.

And I am sooo excited for you to start this new chapter in your life. I know you will be successful at whatever you take on and as mom says, “I’m so glad to have a front row seat to watch the rest of your life!”


And Pay, no matter what happens in life always remeber you are a mother fucking Eihusen! Love you sis!

Now go kick some college butt!

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