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2019 Goals: My New Years Resolutions + How I’m Going to Make 24 Life Changes in 1 Year!

(originally posted on 1 Jan 2019)

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I can not believe it is officially January 1st and it’s a new year. I know this is how the world works and it happens every year but I just can’t believe the time is already here! I am so excited for the new year. A clean slate. A fresh clean background where I get to paint any picture I want to.

Some people love to set New Years resolutions and some don’t, to each their own. But I am one who does. I feel like most years I either don’t really think about what my goals are or I create this huge long list of so many different goals I plan to achieve and then I don’t met more than half of them.

So this year I think I figured out a happy medium. I’ve got some big life year-long goals and then a plan to make at least 24 changes in 2019.

Over the past few years I feel like each year has had it’s sort of own… motto. Normally I don’t figure out the motto until sometime during the year, normally I don’t pick it. Normally it picks me.

But this year I want to be proactive! So my motto for 2019 is “live in the moment”. This is definitely way too cliché for me (and I love clichés) but it’s something I need to practice. I am notorious for living for the future, for what’s next. Which makes me terrible I living in the present. So one of my biggest overall goals for this year is to live in the NOW and practice gratitude for exactly where I am each day.

My next goal is also a year-long goal. I am always so late minute with gifts, when it comes to my loved ones birthdays and Christmas I am the WORST! So it’s one of my goals this year to be on top of it this year and have everybody’s gifts picked and purchased way a head of time so they can be mailed in time!!!

Those are my two main goals this year. Nothing too crazy or extravagant but two goals that are manageable and important to me!

Now, while those are my main goals for 2019 there are not my only goals.

This blog post may have caught your attention because of the title. “How I’m going to make 24 changes in my life in 2019”. Which might sounds a little crazy because 24 things is a lot to change! So let me explain.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Now, I don’t know how true that is but I’m going to test it this year and find out. (Of course I’ll share my results with you along the way.) So I decided each month I’m going to pick at least two things to focus on for 21 days straights. And according to the principle, they will become a habit, which means they will become a part of my lifestyle, easy. It’s easy to focus on two things each month instead of a million different things over 12 months.

By sticking to this plan, I will be able to accomplish and create 21 different lifestyle changes! This can be adding positive things into my life or removing negative things, which in turn will only add positivity. And that is always the goal!

I also love this idea because it allows my goals to evolve over the course of the year as I do. As each month rolls around I can pick different goals to focus on that are important at that time. It can be hard to pick a ton of goals in January when you could be a completely different person or in a completely different place by May!

So right now I only have my goals for January picked out!

Workout/ go to the gym every day for 21 days and take my collagen supplement everyday for 21 days straight. I’m not going to go into too much detail about these goals on this post (I’m going to share in entire post for these goals on their own).

Each month I’ll be sharing my goals, the reason behind my goals, and my progress through the month on Instagram so make sure you’re following along!

I have such a good feeling about this year and am so excited to tackle my goals and grow even more. I wish you all the best of luck on whatever New Year’s resolutions you have set out for yourself and HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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